PSAT/SAT Preparatory Workshops


The Office of Early Academic Outreach regrets to inform you that we will be unable to continue offering the PSAT/SAT preparation workshop series at The University of Arizona. Throughout the years, we have had an incredible amount of community support for this program, and we would like to thank the many families, school and community members that have made this program possible.

Though we will be unable to offer workshops, there are still many ways that students can prepare for their college entrance examinations. There are many new and used low-cost preparation workbooks that are available for purchase at local area bookstores. Additionally, there are many websites such as those listed below that can provide access to test questions, practice examinations, and more detailed information about the PSAT, SAT, and ACT examinations. We encourage families to contact your student’s high school for other preparatory opportunities.


Other PSAT/SAT and ACT preparation resources include: