College Academy for Parents (CAP)


The College Academy for Parents (CAP) is a program designed specifically for elementary parents to assist them in guiding their young children toward a university education.  There are many steps to take to ensure a child is ready for college, and CAP guides parents through everything from college admissions and financial aid to academic preparation and parent engagement.  By the end of this program you will be well prepared to guide your student through to middle school, high school and beyond.

The program is delivered to parents in both English and Spanish and also includes a component for elementary children, known as College Camp.  Parents are encouraged to bring their children to CAP workshops to enhance their child’s exposure to college-going messages and fun activities.  There is also certified childcare available for children ages 2-4.

The workshops start January 27, 2009 and occur weekly every Tuesday night from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Apollo Middle School at 246 W. Nebraska St. Tucson, AZ 85706.  CAP does not have workshops during UA and SUSD spring break (March 17 & April 14).

In addition to the 12 workshops, CAP also provides families with opportunities to visit the UA campus and become familiar with a university setting.  During the visits families are exposed to various aspects of the university through fun activities and demonstrations.

There are two academic showcases. The first showcase (March 7, 2009) will focus on math and science, while the second showcase (April 4, 2009) will focus on language, arts and culture.

Participation in the program is FREE, and the only requirement to participate is that you have at least one student attending a SUSD elementary school.

CAP ends with a final graduation ceremony (May 7, 2009) for the parents and families at The University of Arizona campus.  Graduating parents are recognized by SUSD administration, their elementary school principals and UA administration.

To apply to CAP, speak with the Parent Involvement Assistant (PIA) at your elementary school to obtain an application or click below for a PDF version you can print at home.  Please turn in all applications to your school’s principal.