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Student Coordinators of Masculinity Initiative

Undergraduate leadership positions with Man Up!

Student Coordinators of Masculinity Initiative

Undergraduate leadership positions with Man Up!

Undergraduate Courses

Young Men's College Conference

Students challenge gender expectations and plan for a future career

Click here for the 2015-2016 Masculinity Assessment Report

MASCulinity Initiative focuses on outreach to young men from minority, first generation, and low income backgrounds. 

Because of the low college enrollment rates of men from these backgrounds, MASC. seeks to make a positive impact through multiple partnerships on and off campus. The program focuses on challenging normative forms of gender identity at multiple levels of engagement with theory and practice. The initiative includes the following components:

  • Young Men's College Conference: For local high school students to plan for their future. 
  • Masculinity speaker series: On campus events addressing masculinity through different forms of teaching.
  • Coachable: High school summer transition program for young men. 
  • Undergraduate courses: Opportunities to engage with research regarding young men and masculinity, reflection on personal experiences, and outreach.
    • Project SOAR: The My Brother's Keeper section of Project SOAR is an opportunity to mentor middle school males and explore cultural, social and environmental factors affecting middle schoolers’ academic achievement and pathways to higher education.
    • HED 331: Masculnity, Power, and Education: Is a broad-based introduction to masculinity, its social constructions, and how it intersects with race, poverty, sexual orientation and other identities.
  • 100% Engagement - Student Coordinators of Masculinity Initiatives: Is an opportunity to work with EAO in a leadership position on-campus and through community partnerships addressing masculinity and gender identity through various initiatives.

Partnerships include: The University of Arizona Cultural Centers, The Guerrero Student Center, African American Student Affairs, Native American Student Affairs, Asian Pacific American Student Affairs, Women and Gender Resource Center, and LGBTQ Student Affairs, Common Ground Alliance, The University of Arizona College of Education's Center for the Study of Higher Education, and Project SOAR (Student Outreach and Resiliency). 

Program staff have presented  "College: An opportunity to redefine Man Up" at College Board's 2016 Prepárate​ Conference.  A few days later, Excelencia in Education! facilitated a national webinar on "Latino Males in Higher Education: Action for Progress".  Both presentations are linked here to provide a context for our work.


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For more information, please contact Leo Corrales.

MASCulinity Initiatives and our Young Men's College Conference are supported for at least 5 years by the UA Student Services Fee. 



The University of Arizona has developed a number of initiatives to support men of color, inclusive of all those with gender identities and expressions that may align, throughout campus.  As a collective under the brand Masculinities in the Mix, our goal is to help men of color get connected, achieve their goals, and find success.  Early Academic Outreach is proud to partner with the Center for the Study of Higher Education, Initiatives for Organizational Inclusion, Office of Multicultural Engagement, and the Thrive Center in this important work.